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Rölakan Vintage Carpet Ingegerd Silow

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Swedish handmade Rölakan rug from year 1950. The carpet is original and handwoven by the influential weaver Ingegerd Silow. Its made of 100% wool and has beautiful details and warm colors. A delightful mix of brown tones with hints of pink. This is a unique rug with good quality. 

These rugs are sold "as is" and can not be returned. 

Can have signs of use.




344 x 248 cm


Ingegerd Silow (1916-2005) was one of the most prolific and influential Swedish carpet designers of the midcentury. During her long career she designed an extraordinary number of carpets and rugs, mostly in the flatweave rölakan style. Her designs are known for a contemporary and sophisticated take on the motifs and mood of the romantic Swedish Grace Movement of the 1920s, as well being influenced by her travels in the American Southwest and Mexico. 

She was part of a second generation of twentieth century Swedish textile designers. As with her other Swedish design-world contemporaries, she would have been made acutely aware of her predecessors while she trained at the Konstfack, Stockholm’s famous art and craft school. Her training in folk craft is evident in her carpets, which are of the highest quality in terms of their impeccable materials and weaving techniques. Furthermore, her works radiate the warm minimalism of classic Swedish design. 

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