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Hemp Carpet

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Custom made hemp carpet. Beautiful rugs handmade in India with a natural honey color in amazing quality. Organic carpet that fits in every home.  

3-4 weeks delivery.  Price depends on size / material 

Prices from (approx): 

170x240 cm 25.000kr

200x300 cm 30.000kr

300x400 cm 40.000kr



• Blot all that you can manage.

• Sprinkle salt generously before the liquid spreads. The white crystals can absorb spills quite fast, but you will also need a bleaching agent to take care of the red.
• After you vacuum the salt, look for baking soda. It is a safe natural stain remover for furniture and carpets, which can also have a bleaching effect on fabrics.
• You need to cover the whole stain with the baking soda and leave it to work for several hours.

There is also the alternative of mixing the baking soda with a little bit of water to form a chemical-free cleaning solution. Use a brush to work it gently into the material for maximum effect. You will probably have to repeat this a few times until the natural rug color becomes visible.

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